16 March 2007: Commanding Officer, 1 RAR Lt Col Andrew Gallaway and troops, Dili Airport

defence integration specialists

Edison Projects Australia's team of defence professionals' extensive battlefield, logistical and humanitarian experience ensure your requirements are translated into highly fit for purpose energy generation, storage and utilisation solutions. 

EPA integrated solutions can store and stabilise energy supply at device, facility, region and national levels. At a macro level, our distributed solutions are highly resistant to hostile threats/actions and natural disasters. Utilising simple plug and play technology, our integrated solutions are able to be transported and rapidly-deployed by mostly untrained labour, saving considerable time, effort and expense.

sovereign solutions

EPA is a foundation partner of Australian owned and operated, Energy Renaissance, which offers a unique sovereign capability, delivering improved energy security and supply to Defence. EPA defence solutions utilise Energy Renaissance's safe, high-energy LFP prismatic cells controlled by the proprietary Renaissance superBMS™ design delivering world-class safety and cyber-security.

Edison Projects Australia's highly experienced team of defence professionals ensure energy storage solutions are designed and built for optimised defence requirements and deployment.

For more information on the advanced Energy Renaissance technology click here.

epa defence integration team

Llewellyn Little
General Manager - Defence 

An experienced Management consultant for one of the “Big 4” firms, Llewellyn brings three years of Defence experience, operating across many different projects throughout Defence providing change transformation and communication advice. Llewellyn has worked across Asia, Europe and the US.


Andrew Gallaway, AM
Chief Operating Officer

Andrew is a senior executive, leader and change agent who left the Army as a Colonel in 2014 for a corporate career. He has led complex transformation across Government and corporate environments to deliver lasting change and significant financial and performance benefits for organisations. 

Craig Furini, AM, CSC
Chair, Board Advisory

A former Major General, Craig has worked in UK and Australian intelligence organisations and as an advisor to the Government, including as chief of staff to the Chief of the Defence Force. He was most recently the commander of the Joint Agency Taskforce Operation Sovereign Borders.

David Mulhall, DSC, AM, CSC

A former Major General, David was most recently a Senior Advisor to the Minister for Defence for the development and delivery of the Defence Transformation Strategy. He has a deep expertise in leading and transforming large organisations, with recent focus on logistics and supply chain performance and assurance, the Defence Fuel Transformation System.