our purpose, mission and values

We power communities

At edea energy we believe that access to stable electricity is a critical enabler to provide better health, education, safety, prosperity and political stability and it is our purpose to provide energy solutions to power all communities.

To transform lives with safe, simple energy solutions

By providing safe, simple, smart and easily deployed energy solutions we transform lives and entire communities rapidly and cost-effectively.

Energy anywhere for everyone

Our vision is that everyone and every community has access to stable electricity, anywhere they are.

Our values guide the way we do things and describe what we stand for:

  • Place community ahead of self:
    • Our colleagues
    • The communities in which we are working
    • The global community
  • Trust each other to deliver
  • Simple solutions so anyone can use them
  • Everyone is equal and has a valued voice

Our behaviours lead us to fulfil our values:

  • We strive to maximise community benefit; not, personal benefit
  • We make good on all our promises
  • We take responsibility
  • We use plain and clear language to avoid ambiguity
  • We are kind to each other and importantly to ourselves


edea energy

Established in 2018, edea energy (formally Edison Projects Australia/Edison Projects Defence) is an integrator/manufacturer of high density, simple, safe, energy generation and storage solutions and is an Australian Registered Proprietary Limited Company. edea was established to research and develop rapidly deployable energy capture and storage solutions for communities with unstable and unreliable power grids.