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EDEA attend the Hanwha groundbreaking ceremony at Avalon Airport on 8th April 2022.


EDEA's Mark Tipping and Franca Mazzarella attended the recent groundbreaking ceremony for Hanwha's manufacturing facility at Avalon Airport.  EDEA signed a contract with Hanwha to supply 6T NATO batteries for their armoured vehicle fleet in February 2022.  

Mark spoke about the relationship with Hanwha.  "EDEA looks forward to continuing its work in battery development.  Hanwha is one of our key Defence industry customers and this facility is a major step forward." 

The $170 million facility will be built on a 20-hectare site at Avalon Airport in the Greater Geelong precinct some 60km west of Melbourne’s CBD.  The construction of a state-of-the-art specialist armoured vehicle manufacturing plant is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2022 and take 24 months to complete.



Hi all.  A great article by Bridie Schmidt, associate editor for The Driven on the travels and good works done by EDEA Energy's Mark Tipping and Franca Mazzarella.  Continuing the mission to end energy poverty.

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