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rapidly powering rural off-grid villages 

Edison Projects Australia has developed patent-pending, rapidly deployed and highly cost effective EnRGTM solutions for rural and remote communities through the provision of self-install solar and battery solutions to populations outside of established energy grids.

Our patent-pending EnRGTM solutions are able to be installed by unskilled labour and enable communities to be electrified in days.

We partner with organisations to provide LED lighting, high-speed satellite broadband and refrigeration for the villager.

We then work with our partners to assist the community to transition to electrification and the many health, safety and educational benefits electricity provides.

accelerated restoration of energy post natural disaster

Restoration of electricity post natural disaster is critical for the recovery of those impacted. Heavy infrastructure losses may mean days, weeks or months without grid connectivity. In residences with grid-reliant solar panels, even with a battery and functioning panels, the electricity cannot be stored.

Edison Projects Australia has developed a range of patent-pending, self-install plug and play EnRGTM storage solutions which enable current panels to be switched to off-grid in moments.

In residences without operational solar panels, EPA can also provide rapidly deployed EnRGTM solar tarpaulins to supplment local energy generation. Enabling authorities time to effectively plan and repair the infratructure.  

stabilise existing grids prone to failure

EPA's patent-pending EnRGTM solutions provide improved stability and energy supply to homes, businesses, education facilities and healthcare establishments inside established energy grids via a combination of self-install distributed storage and energy generation solutions or professionally installed solutions for larger premises. Incoming supply is closely monitored and when voltage or frequency falls outside nominated parameters then the device automatically takes control ensuring no interruption to current services.

safe, plug & play grid scale storage - impossible? not anymore

The EPA EnRGTM SuperCube is an enclosed fully-self contained, plug and play large scale grid storage solution. All hardware and componentry is located within the container with no risk of thermal runaway due to the patented architecture of our ER SuperCells. 

Capacities starting from 172kWh to 1MWh in each container, it can be infinitely scaled with further simple plug and play expansions. 

Maintains the output from a variable, intermittent power source such as wind or solar for a designed period of time
Generate or acquire energy when it is at its cheapest and store for discharge/sale during peak periods
Shift energy output from one moment to another to generate higher returns and better match demand
Monitoring of solar/wind generated power voltage and frequency and automatically releasing energy as required to stabilise output
Earn revenue by participating in DRPs by releasing energy on demand


"the company's ability to achieve 30% more energy density and 30% less cost when compared to the traditional lithium-ion battery positions will cause a major disruption in the battery industry."


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